Educational Project "Logra"

Everything has a vital goal: the teamwork that creates bonds, the embellishment of a space that inspires; the group endeavour and its consequent reward; the passion of educators and volunteers. All these elements are part of the "Proyecto Logra" which longs to give youth their right to dream.

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For many years our Foundation has done many fundraising activities to help non-profits associations dedicated to children and youth in Puerto Rico. After some time supporting various hospitals, schools and organizations, we have decided to work on a project of our own. And we've called it L.O.G.R.A.

L.O.G.R.A in Spanish stands for "achieving objectives engendering respect and learning". And it focuses on education as well as on the importance of a conscious and serious compromise on behalf of the student, backed up by supportive professors, parents and an experienced staff of professionals and volunteers. We are very thrilled to put all our efforts and profits in this long-standing project and to follow it step-by-step right from the beginning. Our pilot program has already begun at the "Pedro López Canino" school and has the complete support of the Women's Advocate Office and Dorado's municipality. LOGRA looks forward to provide a new outlook for public schools in Puerto Rico. Our goal is to put together all our resources and create a "state-of-the-art" method that will build the foundation to productive collaborations and social compromise. Stimulating extracurricular activities, rewards, professional seminars, know-how workshops and conferences will undoubtedly enrich students' perspectives helping us to battle violence, bullying, drugs and dropping out. We can't think of a better way to help a community than by starting at school!

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