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Scholarship Recipient Thank You Letter

Wilnelia, Since childhood I have always done everything possible to cultivate my values ​​as; Empathy compassion and what it is to help others. It was not until I met the foundation that I realized the true impact that values ​​like these have on a large scale. I greatly admire your initiative to be able to carry out a project in which you can give help and hope to people whose life may be limited. Only a few are willing to help people without expecting anything in return. My experience here at Cimatec has been one full of challenges and sacrifices. The knowledge that you are sponsoring my studies motivates me through all these years not to give up and give the maximum of my academic abilities. Every time I have felt insecurities as a student, to think that a whole Foundation supports my person fills me with so much joy that all those negative thoughts vanish. My future plans include finishing my university plans and doing everything possible to reach the field of medicine. My goal is to be a charitable doctor that promotes in its practice these values ​​that its foundation reflects. I know that nothing will be enough to show how grateful I am to have been awarded a scholarship by the Wilnelia Merced Forsyth Foundation during my studies. That is why at some point in my life I would like to return the favor and have the opportunity to help students like me, who because of their economic status may not be able to fulfill their dreams. I hope that when I graduate, other young people will have the same opportunity that I had to receive an education essential for their professional future.

In September 2017, Hurricane Maria dramatically swept away Puerto Rico's topography as well as people's customs and lifestyles. Willnelia Merced Foundation and Miss World of Puerto Rico are currently joining their efforts in the relief and reconstruction of this enchanting island.

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Wilnelia meets the parents of the students of a public school in Dorado, Puerto Rico and introduces the method of "LOGRA" (Achieve) a new educational and social project.
We're looking for volunteers to help us at our school in Dorado. Find out if there's a need you can fulfill !
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Wilnelia shows some gorgeous ties hand-painted by international and Puertorican celebrities. All profits go to support the various projects that our Foundation supports
Ties painted by legendary music stars such as Elton John, Ricky Martin, Madonna and Amy Winehouse!

    Our Mission 

    The mission of the Wilnelia Merced Forsyth Foundation is to be a non-profit institution at the forefront of the development of novel fundraising initiatives, the distribution of social assistance funds, the promotion of research in the field of education and the social sciences and to provide financial assistance to low income children, their families and talented students at the undergraduate and graduate level.

    Our Goals 

    The goal of our Foundation basically consists in implementing strategies for fundraising activities in order to support non-profit institutions that serve low income population as well as helping institutions and organizations specialized in research, education and social sciences. We also provide financial assistance to low income children with serious health conditions and to talented students at undergraduate and graduate level.
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    Our Volunteer program is addressed to those willing to offer their time, capacities, talents or professional experience to children and young students with limited cultural and educational opportunities. Let your knowledge be part of a prosperous enrichment for our next generations. Share your passion!


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